Things to do in Dublin – June 4th – 10th

First off, what of last weeks lot. Well, Promethus has a disappointment, it looked nice but the story was a bit of a mess. The RHA nd IMMA in Earlsfort terrace come highly recommended. The Earlsfort Terrace location works great for IMMA, and the small class rooms create an intimate feeling with the art.  Most of last weeks list continue, but the ones below are new additions:

1. NCAD Graduate & Postgraduate Exhibitions 2012 – As the lyrics to the Smog song go. ‘Let me see the colts, that will run next year’. The exhibitions open on Friday June 8th at 6 and run till Sunday June 17th. I love to go to this show, as you seem to have the run of the college, and can wander through all the corridors and odd little areas. It’s a good insight into in minds of the young artists today. Last year’s show did feature a lot of recession art, i wonder is there any hope on display this year?

2. Travesties -Tom Stoppard – Rough Magic – Dun Laoghaire Pavilion – Previews from June 8th. I’ve a soft spot for Rough Magic, but they’ve earn it through creating some of the best dramas on Dublin’s stages over the last few years. This comedy features Joyce and Lenin (yes, that Lenin).

3. Dublin Writer’s Festival  – June 4th – 10th – As already mentioned on the blog here, this years festival has a musical theme to it, with Josh Ritter (today!) and Mike Scott among others. There are also the usual crop of big name writers from around the world, and highlights include Richard Dawkins, Patrick de Witt and Bryan Talbot.

4. Public Interview – Peter Bogdanovic – IFI – June 8th – 19.30 – The director of the Last Picture Show is coming to Dublin as part of the John Ford Ireland Symposium. He’ll be discussing his friendship with Ford and his career. Not to be missed for all movie buffs.

5. Trinity College Shakespeare Festival – June 6th – 16th.  A variety of events, most free, celebrating the bard. It looks to be a fun festival, with events taking place all over the city, in parks and street corners as well as more formal events in Trinity itself. Go check it out! This was previously mentioned here.

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