Movies – 1-06-12

Ah pants, the movie I’ve been looking forward to for months turns out to be dead average! Don’t you hate it when that happens. Just like Fox Mulder, I wanted to believe, I wanted Ridley to be back to his best and another sci fi classic to be delivered. Hmm. By the sound of things I looks pretty, but is a bit dull story wise.

The movies that are recommended this week are ‘The Angels’ share’ and ‘The Turin Horse’. The former being a light hearted comedy from Ken Loach! The later is a two and a half hour movie about death. I’ll let you make your own decision there.

Other good news this week is that George Lucas is retiring! Well, not altogether, he’s just not going to make any more stupidly big movies, which is a relief to all. Can we have that in writing George?

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