Things to do in Dublin – May 28th to June 3rd:

1. Forbidden Fruit – Kilmainham Hospital Grounds – it’s the biggest festival to hit the city so far this year, with bands such as Wilco, New Order and Beirut hitting our shores. This year will have the addition of a comedy stage, and will be interesting to see how that goes down. I’m sure they’ll have the alcohol thing sorted out, after their troubles last year!

2. RHA Summer Show  – Ely Place – The usual mixed bag of established artist and people you’ve never heard of before, which makes it fun. As good a snap shot of the state of contemporary Irish art as you can get.

3. Time out of Mind – IMMA – National Concrete Hall, Earlsfort Terrace – The first use of the Earlsfort Terrace area since the Contemporary show closed last October. It’s great to have the Museum in the city centre and the show itself will feature artists such as  Michael Craig-Martin, Dorothy Cross, Marcel Duchamp, Fergus Feehily, Barry Flanagan, Elizabeth Magill,  Fergus Martin, William McKeown and Tacita Dean to name but a few.

4.Glengarry Glen Ross – The Gate – One of my favorite plays from David Mamet is in the Gate. Fascinating to see what they do with it, although impossible to beat the Kevin Spacey/ Jack Lemon movie, right? Go and find out.

5. Promethus – City Wide – You’ve seen the spoilers and the trailers and the other various other lead up events, now actually see the movie! Has Ridely Scott got his mojo back? Is this the natural follow up to Bladerunner and Aliens? All will be revealed.

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