Movies – 11-05-12

So what’s new at the movies this week? I think it’s another week to explore the sights and sounds of the city, without actually going to the cinema. There’s still probably some junk you haven’t seen lying around, but none of the new lot sounds particularly interesting. The possible exception is ‘Jeff, who lives at home’, which is a mumble core movie made by the Duplass brothers, that gets good reviews in most spots.

The first time I saw the trailer for the new Tim Burton movie, I said to myself ‘ that looks a bit shit, i bet it’s awful’, and thankfully the critics have weighed in, and removed me of any want or need to see it. The movie itself is called ‘Dark Shadows’ and is yet another sign that Mr. Burton has lost his mojo.

If everyone agreed just not to go to ‘How I spent my summer vacation’, and I mean absolutely everyone, it would probably be the last movie Mel Gibson ever made. Could we do that? Could someone please organise that for me? Anyway, it’s another average movie with chasing and guns and guff, and I’d like if no one saw it.

Possibly the most interesting thing about new Irish movie Charlie Casanova is this.

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