Movies – 4-05-12

A slow week at the movies, which is a pity with all the rain that has been around the last few weeks, it’s perfect cinema weather! Monsieur Lazhar is possibly the best bet, it’s the story of a perfect replacement teacher, who inspires young minds… blah, blah, blah. Yeah, one of those movies. I think they also did a Simpsons episode on the same theme. Still, it’s meant to be good, and as mentioned above, it’s a slow week.

Americn Pie have another movie out, which I’m sure they didn’t need to inflict upon us. Hari-Kiri: Death of a Samurai is another 3-D fest which surprisingly isn’t largely about fighting, and Beauty and the Beast joins the 3-D party. Safe is the new Jason Statham movie. I actually saw Jason in London on Tuesday, and thought he was a bouncer!

Special mention for the Tim Burton Season at the lighthouse, which is showing Beetlejuice and Ed Wood, among others. Some of Tim’s finest work! Also, the horrorthon people have a preview of ‘The Raid’ at the IFI tonight, if you’re into late night movies.

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