Movies – 10-02-12 – The Muppets

Another week of good news, as not only is there a new Muppet movie on the streets, but it’s also meant to be good! The strange thing is that most of the reviewers out there grew up watching the Muppet show, so while they are still for kids, I think everyone has a soft spot for them. The movie looks lots of fun, and I might kidnap one of my nephews and head along!

The other movie of note this week and at the other end of the spectrum, is A Dangerous Method, which is David Cronenberg’s first movie for nearly 5 years, and is the story of Freud and his student Jung. Who knows how you can make a movie out of it, but I’m sure Conenberg will make something nice and odd out of it. Even Keira Knightly couldn’t put me off going to this one.

Harry Potter is also back this week, staring in ‘Harry Potter and the Woman in Black’. I thought they ended those movies, but obviously not, maybe they’ll just keep going forever. The Big Miracle is a movie about saving Whales or maybe Wales, which I think the Irish Times actually gave a zero star rating to! The first of the awful Star Wars triolgy is pumped out again, in 3D this time. You can go through those same emotions of disappointment one more time.

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