Sad news for live music fans

The Tripod and Crawdaddy have closed, with various reports that the venue has been sold. By all accounts, it will be set up as competition to Copper Face Jacks, I presume on the basis that if you’re too drunk to get into Coppers, then…

I’ve a lot of good memories of the Tripod and it’s little brother down stairs, but in recent times, they’ve been barely functioning, so it was only really a question of putting it out of it’s misery, to close it altogether. Fractory Floor seem to be the last band to play the venue, and I can’t even remember the last gig I was at there.

I’ve some fond memories of the spot, including Pavement (in the old Redbox and the Tripod, showing my age there!), Clap your Hands, say Yeah, Beirut, Bon Iver (grammy winners, no less), Cat Power and possibly the best of all, LCD soundsystem. Lots of good memories…

Crawdaddy was the home of the up and coming, and seemed little more than a back section of the venue converted into a venue. Again it had a few great years showing off many singer song writers and rock bands (They even had Les Savy once, I can only imagine what that was like!).

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