New Gigs in odd venues

A few new gigs have cropped up in the last few days that are worth a mention.

First up it’s Grouper in the Unitarian Church, where a lot of my friends have got married! Nice that it also doubles as a venue, but I’m sure it’s to replace the roof or something. Grouper is the name Liz Harris goes by, where she creates nice and odd ambient/ pop music. Last time I saw her (them as there was four of them on stage) I was expecting a lot due to hype from all quarters. I wish it wasn’t the case as I wasn’t dazzled, but it is nice music, and could work well in a church.

Another adventure into the Ambient with Johann Johannsson, Hauscha and Dustin O’Halloran (one half of Winged Victory for the Sullen) are playing the Sugar Club (ok, not that weird a venue) on Sunday the 20th of May. I think we strangely haven’t featured Johann here previously, so I’m adding a link below in case you haven’t heard his noises previously. Hauscha is a prepared piano merchant, and they can be quite fun!



Colin Stetson is a sax player, which is a dangerous thing to be! It’s one of those instruments that a lot of people hate, and also one that can get boring pretty quickly. Colin does it with a bit of a difference though, and having names like Arcade Fire, Tom Waits and Lou Reed on your c.v. doesn’t hurt matters. He plays in Twisted Pepper on Nov 9th (ok, it’s fucking ages away).

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