Movies – 27-01-12

First up, the Descendants, which I was lucky enough to get to see as part of the le cool preview. This is the new movie by Alexandre Payne (Sideways and About Schmidt) and is destined to win a few oscars, unless I’m mistaken. The story focuses on life for an average dysfunctional family in Hawaii, and the events following their mothers boating accident and subsequent coma. One of the main strengths of the movie is the variety of interesting minor characters that steal scenes away from the main actor George Clooney. It’s a quirky and unconventional tale and at times doesn’t quite hang together, and the sub plot about land deals feels oddly forced, and there should really have been enough going on without it. Still, by the end it had won me over and I left convinced that George Clooney had done enough to be win a little statue in a few weeks time. A ‘decent’ movie, as one friend said, but truly not much more, off beat and entertaining enough.

‘Like Crazy’ seems to get the most praise from the critics this week. I saw the trailer and left thinking I could live without it, but I guess it might be worth a visit.

‘The Grey’ is about Liam Neeson versus Wolves. Who knows why movies like this are made, but I do like the knuckle dusters made out of broken bottles he seems to be wearing. If you’re into wolves or Liam Neeson, I’m sure it’s a must see, but I think I’ll live without.

Other releases this include ‘Monster in Paris’ which is one for the kids and getting decent enough reviews, and the Pier, which is an indie story of family and romance set in Ireland, which is simple but well told.

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