ATP Nightmare Review – Sunday 11-12-11

I did travel to ATP thinking that the first day would be the clear winner, but I left confused, bewildering and racked with conflicting emotions. Troubled, would be the easiest way to describe it. While Tim Harrington is the fully self-actualised individual, Daniel Snaith of Caribou is just a dead good musician. He lacks the frills and thrills of Tim’s side show, but he can get a room jumping like few others. His set on Sunday night with an 11 piece band is quite simply the stuff of legends! I think everyone that was there for the Caribou set will know what I mean when i say ‘Sun, Sun, Sun, Sun…’

Here’s a mild sample of what went on, but a video could never capture it.

It was the day of the big band, as it was quantity as well as quality with bands like the Sun Ra Arkestra, The Ex and Caribou filling all the space on the large stage and getting close to double figures in most cases.

The highlights of the day were Pharoah Sanders’ lovely jazz set, Sun Ra Arkestra for adding some madness to the mix and Toro Y Mon for reminding me that pop music can be a good thing. Factory Floor once more got a lot of praise from all who saw them, but didn’t fit my mood for whatever reason.

There was also a welcome addition to the festival, with two lectures to start the day, one by photographer Jason Evans who has worked with bands such as Caribou and Radiohead and another lecture by the Editor of a German music mag on Kraut rock.

Photos by James K

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another year is over, and ATP is sadly missed, as well as the Butlins chalets. I’m only left with memories, and a temptation to see the Jeff Mangum show in a few months time, with Low, Sebadoh, The Magnetic Fields, Boredoms and A Hawk and A Hacksaw all confirmed, it could be a fun one…

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