ATP Nightmare Review – Saturday 10-12-11

Saturday was hump day for me, with a post Tyondai Braxton Battles curating the day, and a line up that didn’t sparkle my imagination. I’d have to be honest and say if any one of the bands was playing a solo show in Dublin, I wouldn’t be there. Still, it takes all types, and it does mean that you get to hear a few bands that you wouldn’t necessarily go to (but I did spend a good bit of time in the Sun and Moon!).

Battles themselves started the proceedings with a pretty lackluster set which lasted 25 minutes, with Ian Williams claiming he’d been ill before coming on stage. Not very rock and roll! Still, they did play an oldie but goodie below, and they seem to have gotten over their issues with playing their older music (which did not feature in Forbidden Fruit)

Other bands that I tickled my fancy were Bitch Magnet, Walls (sadly not the Walls and didn’t play Romeo’s on Fire),The Field and Nisennenmondai (possibly my highlight of the day).

For whatever reason, Gary Numan didn’t live up to my expectations. I’m not quite sure what I was anticipating, but he did seem a little bit sub Trent Reznor, which wasn’t what I was after. Still, the version of Cars did remind me of simpler times.

Battles second set made up for their earlier effort, the only annoying thing was that Gary Numan didn’t sing with them, as he was on their last album and had played half an hour previous to their set. They were also worried about the bouncing floor of the main venue, and said that it reminded them of the two earthquakes they had lived through!

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