ATP Nightmare Review – Friday 9-12-11

Yes, the dust has settled and all that’s left are the belly aches and a few fleeting memories. Before it all fades away, I’m going to go back through some of the more note worthy performers of the day. Obviously, I didn’t get to see everyone but being a music nerd, I had a good shot of seeing as many as I could.

Friday was Les Savy Fav day and I was always going to like it in truth. I consider Tim Harrington a sort of evolutionary jump for humanity, or maybe someone who just fell on his head once too often and lost all inhibitions. Regardless of which is correct, he’s great to watch. Their first session of the night at 5pm kicked off the weekend, in the smaller Reds venue and was possibly the better of their two gigs, as he was at his creative best, and singing hanging upside down out of the roof beams was nothing out of the ordinary.

The second set involved three costume changes, silver and a lot of bouncing! I actually moved away from the centre of the mosh pit as I was worried about the movement of the floor slabs beneath my feet. Someone at Butlins should really look at that.

Holy Fuck continue to dazzle me with their live performances, and nearly eclipsed their curators of the evening. It was a lovely set in the Reds venue, regardless of the constant smell of hotdog (does anyone actually buy those things!).

Another band that met with my approval were Archers of Loaf, who could be accused of being a little bit classic rock, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for me!

Wild Flag, Violent Soho (who we only went to as we their awful name tempted us), Future Islands and No age all played good sets, and filled out the evening. Ok, I didn’t bother with Hot Snakes, but anyone that did raved about them, so they get a mention also. An extremely fun evening, and surely Les Savy must get the reins for a full weekend at some point.

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