Movies – 18-11-11 – Snowtown

Snowtown is the story of a serial killer in small town Australia. It is based on real life events, as three men were convicted in 2004 when eight bodies were found in barrels. The violence is meant to be unflinching and at a similar level to many shock horror movies, but the moral core is more complex, as the killers thought they were doing good deeds, ridding the streets of junkies and gays, and the town seemed to ignore the obvious when people went missing from the streets. It receives positive reviews from all quarters.

Otherwise, there’s a revenge thriller starring Nicholas Cage, which is meant to be good ish for the first hour, before it falls apart which is longer than it takes for most of Nick’s recent offerings.

Bernadette: Notes on a political journey is a documentary on the north which is being screen in the IFI complete with a Q&A session after. Details are here.

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