Jagermeister Freezer Sessions – More free junk!

After the Heineken debacle from last week, I hope their ticketing scheme works a little better. Heineken’s server collapsed within seconds of people logging on. I’m sure they’re blaming unprecedented demand, but people like free things, especially at the moment! I got tickets eventually, but did have to hang around for about an hour.

More free ones going from Jagermeister this time. Yes, that delicious fluid of the gods that people drink late at night when their taste buds have long since given up the ghost. Decent line up in most counties as Galway get the Frank and Walters, La Galaxie and Tucan for Sligo, Rarely seen above ground for Cork and Limerick and Dublin gets…. La Galaxie! Think Galway did the best, I’ve a soft spot for the Franks.

All gigs take place in early December. Full details are here, and link to free tickets also on that page. Free is free as they say!

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