Tom Waits will scratch where he’s been itching

I have to admit, I was listening to the new Tom Waits album in my car, and thinking that a lot of the songs sounded quite samey, and then realised I just had this song on repeat!

‘Satisfaction’ is the first video off his new album, which isn’t a revolution in sound, but is fun none the less. The video looks like him dancing in his back garden, but I could watch Tom scratching and find it entertaining, so it works for me…

There’s a fascinating interview with Tom here on NPR.

“I was just looking at this collection of poetry that was written by these Dada poets. And some of them are like 1916, and they sound like 2090. It’s amazing how – they were talking about bottle with wings of red wax in bloom, my calendar leaps medicinally, astral of futile improvement dissolves my candle. I love office accessories, for example, and fishing for little gods, gift of color in farce for the odorous chapter where nothing matters at all. ” – Tom Waits

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