Song Fu #1

Update: The Winner is Kurt Vile and Bank of America!

Ok, so our top team of lawyers have told us to issue a full apology to Adam and Joe, and to change the name of ‘Song Wars’. Thanks to James K for the name (I think it was you) and thanks to John R for the logo (pretty sure that was you, unless someone hacked your gmail account!).

In this completely new section of the blog, the rules are, two songs enter, one song leaves. Vote for your favorite below.

These guys just had a war of words about Kurt’s recent song which was used for a Bank of America ad, details here, now you can settle it!

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  1. kurt all the way 🙂 his response to being dissed for having his song in the ad was gas:

    “@titus_ndronicus sorry titus. i did it to be like the carpenters.and to buy my daughter high end diapers. and to pay back my publishing advance. and because i never cared about that sorta thing. whoops,i even have a bank of america account. B-P (and that’s a dude with sunglasses sticking out his tongue,i’m so sorry.)”

    diapers. love it.

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