Movies – 04-11-11 – Sensation

Just look at that date, you know what that means? Next week’s one is going to be 11-11-11, now how exciting is that? Ok, not that exciting, but it’ll look pretty, none the less.

Sensation is a new Irish movie, so all reviews have to carry a warning, as the reviewer may have sat beside the director at school, or the like, but it seems to get a decent look in from the critics in all directions I checked. Domhnall Gleeson stars as a young farmer who dabbles with running his own ‘agency’ of sex workers.

Inni is a documentary on Sigur Ros, who I’ve always thought were a bit pants, but a lot don’t agree with me. If you’re a fan, it’s probably for you. Tower Heist is the one that’s been all over the side of buses and billboards for the last few weeks. It gets a surprisingly good review in the Irish times, but more expected bad ones in other places. I’d be inclined to believe the other places.

Justin Timberlake stars in nonsense sci-fi flick ‘In Time’, it’s from the same director as Gattaca, which I have to say I kind of liked. I was initially quite interested in ‘Machine Gun Preacher’, but sadly it turns out to be the story of a reformed drug dealer turned preacher, or some other nonsense. That title had real possibilities attached.  

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