She She Pop – Testament – Samuel Beckett Theatre

I think we have found this years version of the freaky Belgians – Ok, no noses were licked, so maybe they weren’t quite as odd but taking your parents on tour with you is pretty unusual!

German outfit, She She Pop took their testament show to Dublin for four nights. The play itself is based on King Lear, using Shakespear’s play to look at the aging process, and the affects it has on us and our loved ones. It reduced the themes of the play to modern day equivalents of how do you deal with your parents becoming dependent on you, and how will their and your lives alter when they do. To do this, they took their fathers on tour with them!

They broke king lear down into it’s key ingredients, ‘the show of love’ that Lear demands off his children, the 100 knights that Lear wanted to keep when he had given away everything else (or the modern day equivalent of what each father would view as essential to their lives), the storm scene, and the eventual resolution. Lots of singing and even a dance sequence for their Dads! Modern theatre at it’s best, fun and inventive.

How is your german? See what you can make out of the below…

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