Fight Night – New Theatre

This is mostly about pay back. When I was about five years old, I won a Texaco art competition, and the amazing prize (I think it was a bag!) was presented by star of TV Aonghus McAnally. Getting so close to a star of his level had an impact on my young mind, and I’ll always have a fondness in my heart for Aonghus.

Fight Night is a one man show that ran last week in the new theatre (beside the project) starring Aonghus Óg McAnally (who I believe is the son of the Anything Goes star!). It is a well constructed and acted piece, about a young man, who is trying to get his life back on track, in recession ridden Dublin. Aonghus carries the piece well, and acts while skipping, doing press ups etc, while preparing for his big return to the ring.

There’s no hint of Rocky in this production, as his aspirations are far lower, to sort things with his Dad, and the mother of his child, and basically to feel good about himself. It’s continuing around the country, so see it if you can.

I can’t find a video of Fight Night on Youtube, so I’ve cruelly put in a version of ‘Anything Goes’ starring his Dad!

Ok, I just found a trailer for it, but I’m not taking down the anything goes!

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