Movies – 07-10-11 – Midnight in Paris

Ok, ok, I’m sure it won’t be anything special, and will probably last as long in the memory as the average TV sit-com, but I have to say, I like Woody Allen. The last few years have been a wild ride, between utter rubbish (Cassandra’s dream) to the highs of ‘quite watchable’ (Vicky, Christina, Barcelona and Matchpoint). So, why can’t I say no to this man, whose every second effort is painful in the extreme…. Well, it’s coz he’s Woody Allen, the man that made some of my favorite movies in Manhattan and Annie Hall. I really should just let go at some point, but it’s hard to.

His new effort ‘Midnight in Paris’ is another return to form, according to most of the critics. Owen Wilson stars in the Woody Allen role (he’s in all his movies), and is a writer on holidays in Paris, who ends up being transported to 1920’s literary society, meeting the great and the good from that era. I’m quite sure I’ll end up going to it, and will probably even enjoy it, but you just can’t trust him anymore!

Tyrannosaur is an english movie that most people describe as harrowing. Is harrowing a good thing? Why should we want to be harrowed? Most of the critics seem to enjoy a good harrow though, and they all come out in favour of this one. Ok, it’s probably a better movie than the one above.

Honey (Bal) is a turkish movie that actually sounds quite sweet, as you would expect, it’s one for the art house cinemas. Enjoy!

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