The animals and children took to the streets

What point is a review when a show is over? Not much use, I guess, other than to let you know how good my Sunday was!

1927‘s production of ‘The animals and children took to the streets’ is one of the more interesting productions I’ve seen in recent years. It features projections onto the walls of the stage, with live cast members interacting with them. It is hard to appreciate how much work must go into a show such as this, as it basically features an hour long cartoon, and an amazingly long rehearsal period, to get the subtle inter play between the animations and the cast working. The story itself was a twisted fairy tale, with the kids taking over the city and the mayor’s attempts to control them.

It was inventive and funny, in equal measure, and they are definitely a theatre company worth looking out for. They visit Belfast between the 18th and 21st of October, so only an hour or so from Dublin!

Categories: Festivals, Theatre

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