Nico and Martin – Music for kids (and adults)

Nico Brown and Martin Brunsden are two musicians who create music workshops for children and we were fortunate to catch them recently at the National Concert Hall with our little fella. At 1 year old he was probably a little too young but still seemed to really enjoy it. The ages of the kids ranged to probably about 10 years old. I found the experience to be absolutely wonderful as Nico and Martin created an incredible musical voyage for everyone. I’ve also never seen such an unbelievable collection of instruments and everyone is encouraged to play them. The combination of narrative, music and interaction was second-to-none and I would highly recommend anyone with small people to catch them next time they play.

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    • Yeah I would definitely try and get to one of their shows. The one we saw basically had Nico doing a narrative of a journey and everyone helping create the atmosphere for the various parts of the journey (my fav moment being the heavy tropical rain in a jungle (made by tapping fingers on hands and large drums for thunder!) which then led to a clearing and calm which Martin created by playing a sansula (sitting it on a drum to amplify its delicate sound) – absolutely beautiful…

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