Dublin Theatre Festival – Final Call

Two days into the theatre festival, and I’m two plays in! Enjoying it so far, but there’s always something of value to see in it, especially from the foreign productions.

Something that is worth taking note of, is due to something called ‘the recession’ that is supposedly happening in Ireland at the moment, there’s lots of cheap tickets doing the rounds. They have what they call the ‘Final Call’, with ten euro tickets released on the day of the show, which can only be bought in the box office. Details of which plays are available are here.

Donka – A letter to Chekhov – I think the word Chekhov scares a lot of people, and with good reason. There is a lot of terrible versions of Chekhov plays doing the rounds, this is not one of them. The director has previously worked with Cirque du Soleil would give you a better impression of where this is going. It’s an arthouse circus troupe, who use elements of Chekhov’s life, such as his interests and surroundings, to link together the scenes they create. It looks beautiful and is considerably better than Cirque (not a difficult task in my opinion)! It’s on in the Gaiety theatre, and is well worth a visit, if high class circus is your thing.

As the Italian director said at last night’s panel discussion ‘To make the same gnocchi, you have to make it different every time’. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

World’s End Lane – If you ever wanted to be shown around Foley street (Just off the end of Talbot Street) by a Pyjama girl, then this is the play for you! This is a one to one experience, that has you out on the streets, to see the locations of what was once an area with over 80 working brothels, and where the police would not enter, or so we’re told. The other section of the show has you in a small cubicle with an ‘escort’, after the bodyguard roughly explains the rules to you. I’ve a soft spot for theatre that intimidates as much as it entertains, so this was my sort of thing.

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