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Guest Post: Top Five Sci-fi Movies

Before you ask, yes, I am annoying all my friends on a consistent basis to do these things, but they’re kind of fun. I’m enjoying them at least. This is by one of the Elkwood Allstars (you know who you are), Barry Dowling. The only restriction I placed on him was no Star Wars, as I could guess three of the list straight away, and I think he even has a weakness of Lucas’s more recent efforts. What he took from it was no obvious ones…

My Top 5 Sc-Fi movies that aren’t Star Wars, Empire, Jedi, Blade runner, Alien, Terminator, 2001…. 

Dark Star

The great John Carpenter’s first film, Dark Star, follows the stoner crew of the starship Dark star on their mission to destroy unstable planets that may threaten humanity’s future colonisation of space. This is such a unique film, featuring a really depressed crew struggling to care about the mission and put up with each other whilst dreaming of getting back to their first love in life surfing. The film features such scenes as a fight with an alien made from a beach ball and a philosophical conversation with a sentient bomb. The writer Dan O’Bannon went on to write the first Alien movie, funny to think a beach ball may have been the creative spark for Alien. Anyway, the move is great and John Carpenter scores it too! A real gem.


The most badass rescue team every sent out to rescue a downed CIA chopper crew from a bunch of Comy bastards somewhere in South America. They don’t do much rescuing but they do a whole lot of ass kicking regardless of Arnold insisting ‘my team is a rescue team, not assassins’!

This was Arnold’s first dialogue heavy movie and has some of the best one liners which are burnt into my mind forever! ‘Get to the choppa!!!!’ etc. This movie is really special to me because before I saw it I had never seen a trailer or read a synopsis, I had only seen a clip on a WWF wrestling program and had no idea what the film was about. So the introduction of an Alien into the story blew my 11-year-old mind!

This is such a great popcorn movie with amazing story, cast, dialogue, splat effects, cinematography, direction, score and Arnold!


An epic screen adaptation from the classic Frank Herbert books following House Atreides struggles against the evil House Harkonnen and the Emperor to control the only resource in the known Universe that facilitates galactic space travel, the spice on planet Dune. I have watched this film too many times to count, an incredible film based on an unfilmable (if that’s a word) book. I think David Lynch somehow managed to put on film his version of the story in a truly unique and original way, an epic masterpiece.

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan

Khan, a genetically enhanced super villain from the 21st century seeks revenge for the death of his beloved wife whilst marooned for 20 years on a hostile desert planet by one Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the USS Enterprise. The best Star Trek film ever made. This is the film every filmmaker looks to when they want to make a sequel better then the original. William Shatner’s best ever performance of Kirk facing ‘the no win scenario’ and the brilliant Ricardo Montalban playing the vengeful Khan. A film even popular with non sc-fi fans due to its amazing story brilliantly told.

 Starship Troopers

Loosely based on an Edward Neumeier book that’s apparently required reading in the US military. Paul Verhovens film version follows a bunch of cheesy jocks and cheerleaders as they embark on military service in Space to do battle with Earths mortal enemies ‘the bugs’ on the planet Klendathu.

I love this film with its amazing battles sequences and cringy, hilarious relationships between the main 90210 characters. I saw this movie in the Savoy one on a Saturday night and it was a classic cinematic experience as the audience collectively laughed their asses off whilst being blown away by the special effects. A great film that has something for everyone.

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  1. Great work Bar! Makes me want to watch all of them and I agree on the Starship Troopers front wholeheartedly!

    • Yeah, completely agree. That’s the best thing about these lists, is that it makes you remember and want to see all these great movies again! Darkstar is a gem, really must see that again.

      Actually, five is far too small for sci fi. just thinking… the Matrix, the Thing, Back to the future, Invasion of the body snatchers… there’s thousands really…

  2. I’ve never actually seen Dune, is it too late for me or does it still work for first time viewing now?

  3. Dune was so odd. They really seemed to give David Lynch a huge budget and tell him to get on with it, which is complete madness! I’m sure the studio wanted the next star wars, and that wasn’t what was delivered. Hope you enjoy it Becca, report back to us…

  4. I’m wondering if you’re currently accepting guest posts. I
    have a few articles I’d like to contribute, but wanted to check with
    you first.

    • Hi todd, youre welcome to send in anything, and if we like them, we’ll use them. They’d have to fit the site though. You can mail us on the gmail address…

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