Movies – 30-09-11 – Melancholia

I like Lars Von Trier, even if he did add the Von himself as he thought it made him sound cool! I like him so much, that I’ve even forgiven him for Anti-christ, which was truly awful. A lot of his early movies are great fun, and there’s always enough going on in his work to see you through. Melancholia is his newest effort and most of the critics seem to enjoy it, which is good news. The premise sounds a bit silly, butI think I’ll risk a limb and head along.

Red State has L.A. sold, but to be honest she wasn’t the hardest market. The critics were a more difficult venture for Kevin Smith to conquer. It receives mixed reviews, but all seem to say it’s a step in the right direction. No one misses the nerds discussing star wars!

The Debt stars Hellen Mirren as a spy or some other guff, and is directed by the guy (John Madden, not the NFL commentator) who did Shakespear in Love. If you still haven’t seen ‘Tinker, Tailor..’ go to that instead. The Cane Toad movie sounds fascinating though, and is a documentary looking at the introduction of the amphibian into Australia. I think the Simpsons based an episode on this one!

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  1. Yeah, if i’m being honest, they’re generally the bits i like about his movies also! Still, he needed to move on. you can’t go on making the same movie forever…

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