Dublin Contemporary – Culture night

I think maybe I was a bit dismissive about Dublin Contemporary when I mentioned it first, but that was mostly as I had no idea of the size and scale of it. It’s bloody massive, taking in the full three stories of what used to be the UCD campus (correct me if i’m wrong!). You can still see all the markings above the door of each department and the various doctors that had their own rooms there.

It is a perfect location for an event of this size, and really captures the imagination, with each artist given one (sometimes two) rooms to sell themselves as best they can. The work varies hugely, but one of the things that struck me most was the quality of the video pieces. Grossmalerman is a piece by Richard Guy Smit, which attacks the x-factor generation, with a similar competition for art. Each judge comes complete with their own catch phrase ‘That is some fiiiinnnnnneeee art!’.

David Zink Yi’s squid is a shocking image when you enter the room. As one of my learned colleagues (Ellen) pointed out, it represents ‘the other’, someone from a different walk of life that seems completely foreign to our own.

I spent two and a half hours of culture night wandering the halls of the Earlsfort terrace, and intend to go back again. An unexpected delight, if I’m being honest.



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