Movies – 23-09-11 – Drive

The choice of movie of the week was a bit more difficult this week than last. Nothing was jumping out at me, so I went with the only one that all the critics give at least average reviews to! The Guardian was in particular grumpy humor, and was keeping all it’s stars to itself.

Drive is the story of a movie stunt man, who earns a little extra at weekends by dabbling in get away car driving. Strangely, this does not end well. It stars Ryan Gosling, who is someone we’ll have to sit up and take notice of at some stage, as he’s been in a lot of pretty good movies, so far at least.  

Mademoiselle Chambon sounds a sweet one, and most of the critics seem to enjoy it. It’s the story of a middle aged man who falls for his son’s teacher, and the general trouble that causes. Does anyone make movies like this better than the french?

Otherwise, not much to report. Jurassic Pork is released one more time, giving the critics another chance to savage it, and the rest of us a chance to ignore it. Warrior gets very mixed reviews, with some positive (The Irish Times) and some hugely negative. I don’t think i’d risk it, maybe it’ll be on TV at some stage.

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