ATP – Alexandra Palace

Over the last couple of years ATP have really spread their wings as a promoter in London, and are now one of the most significant promoters in the city (and beyond, but I’m going to be parochial here). A few weeks ago (the 23rd/24th of July – sorry I started this weeks ago, but am useless) saw them roll a new mini-festival into the city – ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ (IBYM), which was held in Alexandra Palace, and curated by Portishead.

It looks like IBYM will replace one of the old May festival weekends in Minehead, which feels like a shame, but will open up the weekend to more people I guess.

Anyway, we made the trek out to the not particularly convenient Alexandra Palace just in time to catch DD/MM/YYYY on Saturday, and were treated to a really god set. I hadn’t heard any of their stuff before, and was pretty impressed with them musically – they sounded somewhere between Clinic and Bloc Party, and were a good tight live band. If they lose the rubbish banter they’d be better though – just because you have a microphone in front of you, it doesn’t mean you actually have to say anything.

I think that Swans were the funniest of the bands there, totally po-faced, these guys took themselves incredibly seriously, and were, when it comes down to it, just playing some (very listenable) drone rock. My favourite thing about them (and I liked them enough to buy a couple of albums when I got home) was the wonderful multi-instrumentalist and  Sabretooth (as per the first X-Men film) Thor Harris (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thor_Harris). The man is a genius.

Anyway, I’ve taken far too long to write this, so it loses relevance somewhat. The main thing I wanted to say though, was that Portishead were extraordinarily good live. I couldn’t believe just how great Beth Gibbons’ voice was – she was absolutely flawless – and the set that they played was interesting, an perfectly judged. If you get the chance to see them (and it is something of a rarity), I’d highly recommend it.

Oh, and Alexandra Palace sucks – why do security have to be assholes at these things, it’s always a shame.

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  1. Glad you eventually finished this one! I’m still annoyed at the loss of ATP, which was my favorite summer festival. I’ll have to find a new one for next year, and i’m struggling to find something as good music without camping! such is life….

  2. There are lots of attractive festivals around Europe these days, I’d love to get to Primavera or Benicassim, and there are a couple of nice ones in France too. I prefer something more compact than the sprawl of a Glastonbury or whatever, ad I don’t much care for a huuuuuge headliner (The Breeders will do nicely on that front thank you).

    Alright, alright, we’ll come to Serbia!

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