Movies – 05-08-11 Super 8, Knuckle…

I’ve been looking forward to Super 8 for a while. As one critic said, it looks a bit like all of Spielberg’s early movies squeezed together, and it’s even set in 1979! Spielberg is the producer, possibly so he can’t sue, and JJ Abrams directs, which means there’s bound to be monsters in it! His career as a director is pretty stunning in terms of revenue, with almost everyone one of them being pure gold in the box office, and I expect this to do likewise. The reviews are average to good, which isĀ surprising as it’s not really a critics movie, as in, it’s not a coming of age movie set in Mongolia.

Knuckle is a documentary into the world of traveller bare knuckle boxing and in particular the on going feud between the McDonagh’s and the Joyce’s. Sounds fascinating really, and with 13 years in the making, they must have had a lot of footage to wade through.

The referee is a movie made with the blessing of UEFA, and is an insight into what the average refereee went through, during the Euro’s in 2008. It’s one for the footie fans in the audience, I guess, but it’s well reviewed in most places, so might be one for the whole family? Possibly not.

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