Happy Birthday Workhorse

Workhorse is a year old today. What have we learned? Zilch. Diddly. Ok, one or two things I guess.

Here are some of the searched terms that have managed to get people to the site:

No. 4 “va te faire voir fils de pute” – Cursing in french. No. 9 “Beady eye crap” – Marco’s favorite.  I’m pretty proud to announce we are still the top rated site for people googling how rubbish Liam Gallagher’s new band are.

Other terms always doing well for some reason are “We regret to inform you that ireland is cancelled“. Moan blogs such as “i hate snow” and “why do turds suddenly appear” are also on the list.  “fuck buttons suck” is there, and with good reason considering how bad their live show is. My personal favourite, but sadly only searched for once was “Morgan Quinn porn”, although I have a feeling they may have been searching for this Morgan but you never know. I thought I had left my early days behind at this stage. I was young and needed the money…

Our top post of the year was a short one written by John on computer games and the composer C418. It was picked up by the wordpress home page, the 14th most visited site on the web, and we hit 1,500 hits for the day! During this day, our plans for world domination were well advanced, but sadly things returned to normal once it dropped off wordpress.

Thanks to John and Roughan, and to our many commenters (we love you all like children). Hopefully we’ll be here for birthday number two!

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  1. Happy birthday all!
    I think you should take advantage of this key word search confusion and definitely do a one year celebration post of Morgan Quinn Swimwear Special.

  2. I think I’ll leave the swimsuits to the other Morgan, I’m much more the Duffle coat look!

    I shouldn’t have used the word ‘top’ post, possibly most mainstream. You’re the ‘x-factor’ of the workhorse, John!

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