New Movies – 11-03-11

Norwegian Wood gets confusing reviews, the type of reviews that scare me a little, and would make me very slow to go to it. The Guardian loves it, the English Independent doesn’t, the Irish times finds the middle ground. So what does that mean? Ah, not sure, you’ll have to go along yourselves and don’t blame me if you think it’s muck! Based on Haruki Murakami’s bestselling novel, it is a tale of lost love and eroticism. Naked people under the guise of arty-ness sounds good to me, and it also has music by Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead. Might be worth a visit.

The other two big releases are Company Men and Fair Game. Company men is the story of how down sizing affects family life and stars most of Hollywood (Ben Afleck, Chris Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones…). It gets average to poor reviews from most of them, so you don’t have to feel bad about avoiding it. Fair game is a story of political intrigue based around an espionage  scandal from the Bush era. The Guardian who hates it, all the rest seem to think its ‘meh’! It stars Sean Penn and Naomi Watts and was directed by the guy who did the Bourne Identity (Doug Liman).

I really wanted Battle: Los Angeles to be good, but sadly it isn’t. You can see all the special effects on the trailer below though, which is probably the best of it.

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