New gigs

James Blake is the trendiest thing in trend town, everyone in trend town thinks he’s great, and have nothing but good things to say about him. I’m….. not overly convinced about him, I have to admit. He’s playing Whelans on the 29th of this month, with tickets on sale tomorrow at 9am, which should sell out instantly. There’s pre-sale tickets available here.

Scout Niblett was one of the best things about Godspeed’s ATP last December. She’s a really unusual character and has great charisma on stage. She’s visiting Whelans on the 14th of May, and comes heavily recommended. She’s also played with Will Oldham in the past, and certain bloggers on this site (who will remain nameless) claim to be married to her!

Lisa Germano is the least trendy person in dumpsville. Have to say I still kind of like her though! I saw her about two years ago, playing a solo set in the Hugh Lane gallery, and it’s hard not to fall for her beautiful voice and personality. I guess she hasn’t helped herself, as in ’98 she announced she was done with the music business and started working in an independent book store.

Her 2002 album with Giant Sand, calling themselves OP8 was an absolute gem! Reminds me of good times. She plays the Grand Social (nee Pravda) on April 27th.

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