Movie Glut – 04-03-11

Yes, this week seems to be the day to release your movie. Maybe they were all holding them back, due to the oscars. Who knows.

Archipelago is the story of an unsuccessful family reunion, which the Guardian seems to love. A quick check on the director’s previous work here, and she was responsible for ‘Eastenders – Dot’s Story’. Still, possibly the best bet for the week.

Rango seems to get good reviews, for all those with kids, or you can steal a nephew for the afternoon. It’s an animated western, starring Johnny Depp as a domesticated lizard turned sheriff.

The Adjustment bureau gets surprisingly good reviews also, which stars Emily Bluntt and Matt Damon in a version of the Philip K Dick short story ‘The Adjustment team’. Some disturbing news related to Philip K Dick, is that there may be a sequel planned!

‘As if I am not there’ is described as a grim story of the bosnian war, so perfect Saturday night popcorn fodder then! It seems well reviewed on the few I’ve found.

‘The Unknown’ is one of those stores about someone who lost their memory or was replaced or all their friends forget who they are, or something. I can’t imagine myself ever watching it, but it’ll probably end up as a mid week movie on RTE in a few years time. Maybe then.

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