Neil Hannon and Friends perform Vampire Weekend?

This is as odd as it sounds, with Neill Hannon, Cathy Davey and Jape performing Vampire Weekends first album, on April 1st in the Button Factory. That date does sound funny, but it seems to be part of a Jack Daniel’s sponsored event, which will feature Irish bands playing music by their favorite artists. Tickets are free, and available if you register with web site, from the 1st of February. I’ll certainly be giving it a go to get one!

There’s even a great quote from Neil on Vampire Weekend:

“The reason I’ve chosen it is because stylistically, it’s an ingenious marriage of indie pop, African rhythm and classical harmony. Musically, it’s a collection of beautifully honed melodies and taut, perfectly structured chord progressions. Lyrically it’s all witty, occasionally barbed snap-shots of Ivy League colleges and Long Island lawns, regularly veering off on idiosyncratic tangents. But mostly it’s because it kicks ass and makes me happy!”

Here’s a video of Neil Hannon dismantling the Eurovision from the culture show. Well worth a watch!

Update: There’s some videos of the event on the JDset web site here. It looks like it was a special night.

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    • It’s all about the key change! He’s a very bright and funny guy. Would say it would be a fun gig, I’ll give it a go to get tickets, but just like the europa cup final, i’ll probably forget!

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