Gigs of the Year

More lists? Yeah, I’m enjoying them. This is a list of Irish gigs, so didn’t include any of my ATP ventures, which I might do later on, if I get bored.

Obviously I’m only talking about the gigs I actually went to, which is only about one a fortnight, but it’s a little trip down memory lane for me, so you can indulge me that much! Most lists are pretty meaningless, and tell more about the person who makes them, rather than what they are reviewing. Still, I’d have to say I’d heartily recommend anyone on this list as bands well worth seeing.

1. 19/11/10 – Holy Fuck – Whelans

Sometimes you just hit the right band on the right night, and I think this was the case here. I wasn’t expecting that much from them, but ended up inches from the stage, with the music blaring and loved every minute of it. Unusual for a band without a lead singer to make it this high on the list for me, but it did feel something special.

2. 7/05/10 – Divine Comedy – Sugar Club

The perfect venue to see Neil, who was in great form, just before the release of his new album. He arrived in top hat and suit, like the english dandy he’s always wanted to be! He was at his best, working his way through his catalogue, which really is impressive at this stage. I also had  a saga getting these tickets through gumtree with a guy who gave me a false name etc. Who knows what was going on there!

Judith (my learned friend) said this was the perfect pop song, and she’d know!

3. 29/07/10 – Bonnie Prince Billy – Whelans

You never know what you’re going to get with Will Oldham, but I guess you can tell from the name of this blog, he’s one of my favourites! That night he turned with playing a gem of a new album, which I didn’t know terribly well at the time. He mostly played it, ignoring the majority of his other work, but with a lovely band, everything just sat right for me!

4. 20/11/10 – LCD Soundsystem – Tripod

I’m sure this will top most people’s lists, and it was a great night. The new album did sound very good live, but as mentioned before, I struggle with a few of the tracks off it, so I wasn’t as whole hearted as some. Still, lovely to see a man in the pomp of his powers. As they said in the Irish Times, it felt like you were seeing Talking Heads in their prime, and it’s hard to disagree. A great band doing what they do best.

5. 04/05/10 – Pavement -Tripod

A trip down nostalgia lane here, thanks to Cormac for the last minute tickets, as I had decided I wasn’t going to go (as I was going to their ATP). Lovely to see them in the same venue I’d seen them in around about 14 years earlier, when it was the red box. They didn’t have to turn off their amps to get them off stage on this occasion! They’ve a great list of songs that really just mean my college years to me, so it was always going to be a bit special. They didn’t let me down!

6. 2/12/10 – National – Olympia

They just get better live every time I see them! Such good musicians and Matt Berninger is slowly becoming the perfect front man. Possibly the last time I see them before a jump to the O2, which I’m not sure I’d follow them to. Who knows, maybe they’ll continue playing multiple nights in the Olympia, which would be good news for me!

7. 10/06/10 – The Tallest Man – Whelans

One man, one guitar, and a rasp of a voice. I’m not sure he’ll grow or change, and possibly I’ll get bored after a few albums, but I’m loving what he’s doing at the moment.

8. 18/03/10 – Owen Pallet – Whelans

Seeing the ease at which he plays voilin, guitar and piano, looping each of them, mostly while singing is an impressive feat. I’d always heard about his reputation as a live performer, but hadn’t bothered to check him out until this year, I was delighted with the results!

9. 25/04/10 – Dans Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip – Whelans

A strange gig where they ignored their new album, and played all the songs that people wanted to hear off their first album! They have a great stage presence, and Pip is a great front man and works a crowd very well. Nice to have a bit of hip hop on the list, and it really does work well live. B Dolan in support was great also.

10. 2/06/10 – Sam Amidon – Whelans

I’d almost go to Sam alone for his weird fantasy stories, he tells with dead pan face, but in truth, he’s a pretty special musician also. He seems to play here a lot, so get to see him if you can…

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    • I was actually thinking that when writing the list, but thankfully Tim solved that one, and came on at mid night! I think the winner of next years should be easy enough. A stunning gig, by a man that is more legendary every time i see them!

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