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Ok, so I’m a week behind, better late than never right? Hmm. I’ll keep it short so, seems last week was a good week at the cinema, I guess most people wanted to release their movie before the kid’s junk gets released for Christmas.

Of Gods and Men seems to be this weeks winner (or last weeks i guess!). All the critics I’ve seen seem to love it, but it sounds pretty heavy going, so I remain unconvinced! It’s a french movie based on the kidnapping and murder of monks by fundamentalists in Algeria in 1996. Hello? You still here? You’ve skipped ahead then? I’m not sure I could put myself through it, but it is meant to be very rewarding if you do.

Monsters might be more my speed, I like the title at least!  It’s set a few years in the future, in a world where Mexico is closed off from the states, because of the strange life form that landed there. It has a pretty obvious comparison with District 9, one of the best movies of 2009, but I’ll wait until I see it before I comment any further. The critics again loved it, so you don’t have to feel too stupid for heading along to this one.

Other movies of interest is Megamind, which is an animated yokey getting average reviews.

The Tourist is probably going to be battered in the reviews, when it is released tomorrow. Strangely it is from the same director as ‘The Lives of Others’, which was a great movie, but this just sounds like a pretty dumb thriller, starring too famous people who look pretty. Would you go to Hollywood and make muck if you’d just made something like the lives of others? Yes, I probably would!

Sofia Copolla’s new movie ‘Somewhere’ looks highly suspect from the trailer I’ve seen, but can you judge a movie by it’s trailer? Possibly. I liked the Virgin Suicides a lot and Lost in Translation was also pretty good, but I do fear she’s on a downward spiral.

Below the Monks wonder whether they should stay or should they go now, if they go there will be trouble…

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  1. Saw both of these movies. Gods and Men was slow, but well acted. Lots of space and thought behind it, and well done really. Not really my scene, but enjoyed it none the less.

    Slightly disappointed by Monster, as it ended up being a strange romance/ travel log movie as much as anything. Still, its worth a watch, but didn’t enjoy near as much as cloverfield or something of that ilk.

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