Music for Snow #1

For me, the snow calls for a certain type of music on the headphones for walking. At the moment it’s Ulf Lohmann so I thought I’d pop up a link to one of his tracks on YouTube… and oddly enough, the person who uploaded the video chose a snow scene as the still for the video! Ulf Lohmann – Track 08 from the album Because Before (Kompakt, 2001)

PS. The tracks on the album are just named Track 01 – Track 11, I wasn’t being lazy there, honest!

Categories: Music

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  1. this stuff is pretty good. sounds like tim hecker or something.

    traditionally i’ve chosen flying saucer attack’s chorus, but . . . time goes on. . . . i will check out ulf. . .

    ps. also, kinda partial to cendre with fennesz and sakamoto these days. . .

    • It’s nice stuff alright. I do also like Tim Hecker and I have a few Fennesz albums, Endless Summer and Venice – lovely music.

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