I hate Snow

Let me be clear about this, and not to put too fine a point on it, I hate snow. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

Well, it’s fine as long as you don’t have anywhere to go, but at the moment, I’ve no idea how to get into the National Concert tonight, and then there’s ATP tomorrow, which is now very unlikely!

Still, if I had to pick one song about snow, it would be Radial Spangle’s Patio Furniture (Thanks to Geni for finding this one).

‘It’s not gonna matter in a couple of days, it’ll all melt and then we’ll go driving around, to say hello to our friends, coz they’ve been shut in, by the snow…’ And repeat. This may be the best song ever about snow!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! Snow sucks! I’ve got a Charity gig to do on Saturday for World AIDS day and I’m not sure how I’m going to get my three and a half ton van full of kit up and down the snowy and icy streets of Nottingham!!! Why can’t it just all go away!!!!

    • I’m tempted to go and sleep in an airport hotel and then see if its any better in the morning, while the other half of me just wants to forget all about it and go to bed! I hope you make your gig in Nottingham. Best of luck…

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