ATP Preview – Charlemagne Palestine

Another odd one for ATP, which is good news! He seems very interested in his collection of Teddy Bears from what I can see of the interviews of him on the net,  and talks about them as ‘his family’. Wonderfully mad, and hopefully they’ll have some of his art there too, with some luck. Here’s the blurb from the ATP web site:

“Charlemagne Palestine (born Charles Martin or Chaim Moshe Tzadik Palestine August 15, 1945, or 1947, in Brooklyn, New York) is an American minimalist composer, performer, and visual artist. Palestine has studied at New York University, Columbia University, Mannes College of Music, and the California Institute of the Arts.

A contemporary of Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Phill Niblock, and Steve Reich, Palestine wrote intense, ritualistic music in the 1970s, intended by the composer to rub against Western audiences’ expectations of what is beautiful and meaningful in music.”

Categories: Art, Festivals, Music

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