ATP – I’ll be your mirror – Portishead

A new venture for the ATP people, is a two day festival will take place in Alexandria Palace on the 23rd and 24th of July 2011. It will be curated by Portishead, who curated a nightmare before christmas for them last year also (I think). I’m not sure you could call it a full festival, more a two day event. You can go to each part individually also, and Portishead will headline both nights.

Saturday 23rd July
Company Flow (original line-up – first UK show in 10 years)
The Books
Factory Floor
& more

Sunday 24th July
Beach House
The Passion of Joan of Arc
& more

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  1. I think it would be a stretch to call it a festival alright. I’ll go to it, but mostly because it idn’t much hassle for me to get there. I certainly wouldn’t be bothered going to it if it involved flights. Not a line up with I’d find immediately inspiring, but I think it has promise, and I’d always jump at the chance to see Portishead themselves.

    • You a Portishead fan then? Wouldn’t have figured that. I think they’re fine, but would have no real interest in seeing them play live.

      Its a decent enough line up and if it was in Dublin, i’d be interested enough i guess. I’d like to see the books, and beach house are pretty good also.

  2. I really like Geoff Barrow, have seen him play at a couple of things, and I really liked ‘Third’, far more than I expected to in all truth. They don’t play all that often, and I do like them, so yeah, why not?

    The line up is okay, no more than that, but it’ll get stronger I suspect. Not worth travelling for, but if in your back garden…

  3. I have ‘the thrid’ someplace and only listened to it about twice. maybe i should have given it more time, but never was a huge portishead fan. That stuff beth did with rustin mann though, that was cool! I love talk talk though. such a soft spot for that band…

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