ATP Preview – Throbbing Gristle

Only two weeks before I head off to ATP – Godspeed style, so I’m doing a bit of homework first! I must admit I don’t know too many of the bands on the list, as I signed up to it on the strength of Godspeed alone. I figured that we’d end up with lots of post rock bands, and that I’d know at least 50% of the bands there. Godspeed had other ideas! The only two I really know are Tindersticks (no complaints there) and Weird Al Yankovic (yes, that weird Al Yankovic).

Throbbing Gristle are one that could be fun, described as an avant garde music and visual art band! They started in england in 1975 (a good year) and broke up in ’81, before starting things moving again a mere 23 years later in 2004, and have been performing to today. Their live style is described as ‘confrontational’ and the images they use vary from pornography to scenes from concentration camps.

Ok, that was 9 minutes of mostly shouting, but they also do things like this:

At least that one had less shouting in it.

Actually, now they’re starting to make sense. I think they got over all their teenage angst in the 80’s. Here they are in 2009, playing music a lot closer to Godspeed’s world. A lot of guitar being played with beer bottle and strange electronic sounds, nice enough really.

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