Dexter – Early Cuts

I’ve been a fan of Dexter for a few years now. It’s great cheese, as tv goes, it’s right up there with the best, such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad and a few others who fight against the variety of x-factor based dross that fills the screen 99.9% of the time.

I had heard there was a web based cartoon off shoot of it, but never paid very much attention to it, until yesterday when messing around on the internet, when I was researching (ok, googling) one of my favorite comic artists, Bill Sienkiewicz, who is responsible for such gems as elektra assassin and stray toasters.

Someone involved with the show has drafted in a lot of the big names from the comic world to work on them, and it has paid off. The first series features the art work of Kyle Baker, Ty Templeton, Andre Vera Martinez and Devin Lawson, and the second series has moved a step up with Sienkiewicz and David Mack.

They’re all narrated by Michael C Hall, in his wonderful dead pan voice, and most of them seem to be on youtube.

Categories: Art, Comics, TV

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