The Decemberists – my present!

A couple of new gigs worth mentioning, 1st up is Lykke Li for the 16th of April, she’s long been one that has got away, so I think I’ll make the effort this time, especially as she has a great reputation live.

The Decemberists play the 4th of March also, which is my birthday! How they knew this and organised their whole tour around it, I’m not sure, but it’s very kind of them, non the less.

Last two gigs do sound quite interesting and are a lot closer. Jerry Fish (of an emotional fish fame) is playing two solo shows in the Sugar Club, on the 26th of Nov and the 18th of December. Camille O’Sullivan and Tom Dunne guest on the first gig, and Glen Hansard and Cathy Davey on the second. Both are available on here.

He does a good slow version of ‘Celebrate’ these days, but it’s hard to beat the original! ‘Beauty does, what beauty does best, it’s beautiful!’

Categories: Gigs, Music

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