Don’t tell the IMF

Bon Jovi sold out the RDS in less than an hour today, with tickets ranging from 65 euro to 91. This comes days after Take That and the Kings of Leon. Is this really the actions of an economy mid disaster? Another date has been added, which will probably sell a bit slower, but still, it’s all a bit shocking.

The only good thing is that they’re still advertising Arcade Fire’s second night on the radio every day, so at least they seem to have got that one wrong! The capacity of the O2 is 14,000, so there’s obviously 14,500 people willing to pay stupid money to see Arcade, but not that many more! I’m still trying to resist becoming one of their member, but often grow weak and consider it.

Maybe all Ireland needs to get out of economic ruin is one really big gig. We can call it Ireland Aid, and sell tickets for 150 euro a pop.

It does seem odd what is selling out at the moment, and what isn’t, but it does seem that people are saving their money for the ‘big event’ gigs, rather than going to Johnny Nobody in Whelans. Poor Johnny…

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