Movie Reviews 5-11-10

Mixed bag this week, and the only thing it really proves is that reviews don’t mean a great deal!

Another Year is Mike Leigh back to doing what he does best (and what he nearly always does in truth) middle class england! Five stars from the guardian, and three from most of the other papers (Irish Times and the Independent). I’ve a soft spot for Mike, so will probably head along at some stage.

Let the right one in gets four stars in the Irish times, and three in both the english papers worth reading. I’m slightly disappointed by this, as I was half intending on going. I guess I shouldn’t let them put me off. Hmm.

Otherwise, Jackass 3D amazingly gets four stars in the guardian, three in the Irish Times and one in the english Indepedent! Daft really, and just shows that it’s all pretty subjective. I guess I could have found a two and five star review, just to get a bases covered!

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  1. Another Year was pretty much as expected, a bunch of middle class english people banging off each other, and not really coming to any conclusion at the end. Did I like it? Yes, but then again, I always like his movies! Worth seeing…

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