Redneck Manifesto have long been one of my favorite Irish bands. It must be nearly ten years ago I saw them play an afternoon gig in Whelans when one of them got electrocuted! I’m surprised it hasn’t happened earlier to be honest, with the mess of wires on that stage, but he survived to tell the tale, after a few brief moments where none of the audience quite knew what was happening. He even wanted to continue the show, but an ambulance was called and the paramedics wanted to check him over, so it was an abrupt end to the show!

Visionair is a side project of two of the band, Riche Egan (better know as jape) and Niall Byrne. I’m up stupidly late listening to the great Donal Dineen, who has just played one track from it. He recommends you download it. I do too! See what you think…

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