What is wrong with people?

The Kings of Leon sold out in 40 minutes today, with ticket price set at 79 euro before rip off fees, so it generated over 6.5 million. They’ve just announced a second show at the O2 in Dublin, for the 11th of December. It is pretty shocking when you think of just how bad this band really is. The lyrics to ‘This sex is on fire’ sound like they were written by a randy 12 year old. I can’t imagine anyone seriously writing that down on a piece of paper, and not tearing it up! The spirit of Spinal Tap lives on, and is strong in this one, still selling as much as they ever did.

I’ve no idea how you become a stadium band, as some of them are really interesting artist, with a great back catalogue of work behind them. People like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan you just can’t argue with, regardless of your own opinion on their singing voices. It is hard to believe that the Kings of Leon are the band that will be remembered from our generation, but hopefully this will not be the case. Anywa, I’ll stop now, as I’m sounding like a crazy old man at a bus stop.

While ‘Casiotone for the painfully alone’ may have one of the worst names ever known, Owen Ashworth’s music is quirky and quite loveable. He’s playing in crawdaddy, and it will be his last gig ever in Dublin, as he’s retiring the name and the music at the end of this year. A strange decision, as he’s still planning on continuing in the music game, just under a different name.

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