Broken Social Sopranos

I’ve always had a strained relationship with Opera, in that i basically think it’s pants. Especially sopranos, whose whole vocal range seems to do what nails on a blackboard does for most people. I also hate that everyone who listens to opera thinks that all other forms of music are inferior, and that they are right the whole time. It was one of my fears in my childhood that I’d eventually end up listening to it, but thankfully, it doesn’t seem to have happened (yet).

Broken Social Scene obviously don’t agree though, as they played with a soprano at the Canadian Opera Company’s fundraising gala the other night. The results are below.

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  1. Having spent a year randomly selling classical music, which I know nothing about, I concur about opera fans, in particular baroque opera fans for some reason.

    Anyway, I once went to an opera which was (thoughtfully) subtitled. It turns out that people say/sing things like “I am exceedingly fond of mushrooms”. That made me like it more.

    • Well, ok, i might like the mushroom opera, but i’m not sure about the other ones!

      My main problem with it, is that anyone that likes it treats it like its the high point of creation, and that the only reason you don’t like it, is that your brain isn’t fully developed or something! It’s musical theatre, nothing more, nothing less. The plots are all as dull as dish water, and the music is meant to be wonderful, but does nothing for me.

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