The Walking Dead Pilot

Ok, I’ve seen it, i had to cheat a little via the internet, but I’ve watched the first episode of the Walking Dead as discussed here. I have slightly mixed emotions about it, as I always do about things where I like the original. I kept trying to remember the graphic novel and see the things they changed, and even the small things annoyed me!

It’s made by AMC who are responsible for Mad Men and Breaking Bad, so its in good studio, so I was expecting a lot. The basic premise of it is still a great idea, a world where society has completely broken down, and where zombies are now the norm. How do you have a normal life in these conditions, how do you bring up kids etc. We’ll hae to see over the next while how well they deal with these.

As a pilot episode, it worked pretty well, introduced the main characters and was surprisingly close to the comic original. What I didn’t really notice in the comic is how devoid of humor it is though, and it could do with the odd moment with a lighter touch. Still, there was enough there to draw me back for more (although, I’m a sucker for zombie stories at the best of times!).

Another singer come comic writer/ artist is Jeffery Lewis, as with the Umbrella Academy discussed yesterday. Ok, that’s a weak link, but I’m still adding this song, as I really like it. Listen to the lyrics, if you can, he talks very fast!

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