Tower Records

Tower Records on Wicklow street is getting on a bit. Well, not as bad as some, but its 17th birthday is this month. I have heard that its now an entirely independent store, as they have no connection to the stores stateside that disappeared a few years ago.

To celebrate them coming of age (well almost), they’re having a few free in-store events.

The main event is on November 27th where then have The Republic Of Loose, Ham Sandwich, The Danger Is, The Mighty Stef, Howlin Dowlin and KVX all playing over the course of the day.

They also have a number of smaller events such as The Flaws (Nov 4th @ 6pm), Kassette (Nov 5th @ 1pm), Planet Parade (Nov 11th @ 6pm), Ronan O Snodaigh (Nov 12th @ 1pm), Ivan St. John (Nov 18th @ 6pm), Skibunny (Nov 19th @ 1pm) and Thavius Beck (Nov 25th).

Ivan St. John used to go by the name of Pinky, and I’ve seen him play back up to various bands over the years and always enjoyed him. See what you think…

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